Location management

For more than a decade, we have managed locations for big or small films, commercials, stills, and events in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We take care of all location related matters through every phase, from consultation and pre-production to principle photography and wrap. With our strong local knowledge, we can provide access to unique urban spaces and natural landscapes.

Location scouting

We have a pool of skilled locations scouts to source the best possible locations for your creative vision.

Location permits

FStop has long-established relationships across the UAE, earning a reputation for professionalism among our contacts. We work closely with local authorities, such as the Abu Dhabi and Dubai film commissions. This means access to the most accurate and up-to-date information and local procedural know-how.

Logistical solution design

Having worked on multiple films across the UAE, we have the experience and depth to design fully functional base camps, whatever the location size and geography.

Location health and safety

To ensure cast and crew safety, we conduct a thorough pre-production risk assessment. We then recommend practically workable health and safety management standards. We also factor in unforeseen or unique circumstances, adapting where necessary, to provide adequate health and safety systems and procedures.

Film set security

We can create a protection package for a formal or more discreet security presence at your production location to ensure your cast, crew, facilities, and equipment are safe and secure.