Location protection

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Wall and floor protection

Bubble wrap rolls

Bubble wrap is a pliable, packaging protection material for cushioning delicate objects. It is lightweight and transparent for easy item recognition.


Polyethylene foam rolls

Available in large rolls, polyethylene foam is light and has a wide range of location protection uses. These include anything from surface areas and banisters to furniture, equipment and props.


5mm correx sheets 8X4

This white fluted polypropylene sheet is a popular location protection component. It covers a massive surface area. Lightweight, versatile and hardy, it is well suited to sensitive locations to ensure maximum protection such as film site fencing.


White cotton sheets

White cotton sheets are a cost effective way to cover and protect furniture from dirt and possible damage.


Tapes and fixes

Gaffer tape

We provide professional grade 48mm X 50m cotton cloth pressure-sensitive gaffer tape. It is thin and easy to perforate, yet super strong with great adhesive properties.


Masking tape

Adhesiveness is the key component of this product’s usefulness. It can be easily perforated, applied and removed without leaving behind a sticky residue or damaging the application surface. The product comes in 48mm X 50m rolls.


Hazard tape

Hazard tape or barricade tape is a visible way to draw attention to a no-go or hazardous area. It is brightly coloured, often featuring a noticeable black and yellow or red and white pattern with the words ‘danger’ or ‘caution’ in prominent lettering. It acts as a minor barrier to reduce entrance to a particular area and comes in a 48mm X 50m roll.


Cable ties

In addition to tying together cables or wires, cable ties have various other practical uses. Ours are flexible, light, durable and 40cm long for multi-purpose use.



We have a large selection of rope from standard to professional rigging quality.


Ratchet straps

We have a large selection of ratchet straps in various sizes to keep your equipment safe and secure.