Cool air solutions

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Standing black fan

These are often used on set under an Eezee shade. The standing black fan keeps air continuously circulating for regulated climate control. It is best suited to smaller domestic-sized rooms and holding areas.


Rhino fan

To ventilate larger areas such as warehouses or factories you need an industrial-sized fan. The Rhino comes with a seven-bladed, 50cm diameter fan powered by a 780-watt motor.


Small mobile air conditioners

A mobile air conditioning device is the perfect tool for spot cooling a studio-type space. It comes with up to 9 metres of ducting for easy maneuverability.


Large mobile air conditioners

If you require a stronger burst of spot cooling in a studio space you need a large mobile air conditioner. It comes with up to 9 metres of ducting.


Evaporative coolers

Evaporative coolers combine natural water properties with a steady, light airflow to reduce indoor temperatures – ideal for situations where the air is hot and the humidity is low. They are particularly useful for indoor areas where it is difficult to find a door or window to open to duct away warm air.