On set basics

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13 Amp extension cables

We provide durable and reliable 13 Amp extension cables.

13 Amp jumpers

Our easy-installation 13 Amp jumpers provide a safe and reliable way to bypass the amplifier.


A multiplug is a useful device that allows more than one plug to connect to a single socket.

Refuse bins and black bags

Besides refuse bins and black bags, we have a wide range of cleaning products such as mops, brooms, and buckets. We can also arrange a before and after location clean up team.

Eezee pop-up bins

Lightweight and portable, Eezee pop-up bins are perfect for packing into a car boot or location van, making on-the-go refuse removal or recycling easy. We also provide compactor sacks (bin liners) because they are wider than standard refuse bins.

Work lights

Our specially designed, user- and weather-friendly on set work lights are purpose-built for a wide range of lighting requirements such as pathways, corridors, and backs of trucks.

Crates and boxes

We have a wide selection of boxes and crates for additional storage, such as props, ammo, and smaller items.

Cast umbrellas

Our umbrellas are lightweight, yet durable, to withstand wind and rain.

Cooler boxes

We provide cooler boxes of various types and sizes. We can also deliver them set-ready, fully stocked with soft drinks, water, and ice.


A simple sand-filled bucket is the ideal no mess and no odour cigarette disposal container.