Equipment Rentals

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Health and safety

Besides our standard stock of health and safety products, we can talk you through local Covid-19 requirements and help you to develop a Covid-19 safety plan specific to your production needs.

Crew care

Surgical masks

Surgical gloves

Hand sanitiser

We supply 500 ml bottles of alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

Medical hand wipes

In addition to hand sanitiser, we supply anti-bacterial handwipes, which are ideal for cleaning set equipment between takes.

Hand towels

We provide absorbent, disposable paper towels in quantities of 2400 per box.

Fire extinguishers

We have carbon dioxide, dry powder and water foam extinguishers in various sizes.

Fire blankets

Conforming to BS1869:1997 BAFE and BSi Kitemarked standards, our fire blankets have high quality insulation properties, and are best suited for use in kitchens and small enclosed areas. Each blanket has a quick release outer shell packaging for immediate dispersal in the event of a fire.

Personal protection equipment (PPE)

We have a full PPE selection to help minimise exposure to various hazards. Items include:

  • Dust masks
  • Ear plugs
  • Flashing lights
  • Handheld red and green flashing batons
  • Hard hats
  • High visibility vests
  • Safety glasses
  • Surgical gloves
  • Surgical masks
  • Work gloves

Fuel clean-up

Diesel granules

Diesel granules quickly and effectively absorb fuel spills, minimising damage, and can be stored in a locations van.

Spill kits

Our spill kits come with diesel absorbent pads for larger accidental spills.

Drip trays

Drip trays are perfect for sensitive environments where even the smallest drop of fuel could upset the location owner.

Adhesive tape

We have a variety of adhesive tapes in various sizes.

Traffic cones

Small, medium, and large traffic cones indicate road closures and demarcate booked parking.