Summer discounted combo packages

Equipment and unit crew custom-tailored combo packages for television commercial shoots, stills, studio or villa filming at discounted rates.

How it works

Unit Truck + Unit Gear Package + Costume Truck + Costume & Makeup Package = Base package
Television commercials
Base package
AED 2500
Base package
AED 1250
Studio shoots
Base package
AED 1250
Villa shoots
Base package
AED 1500

Hire for 1 day get 10% off
2 days get 15% off
3 days get 20% off
4 or more days get 30% off
Add additional items to your base package and get the same percentage discount.

Example: Hire a base package combo for 3 days. Get 20% off. Add a honey wagon for between 1 and 3 days during the shoot, and get 20% off for that item too.

Book our unit team separately based on your project requirements to complement the base package.

To get started, call +971 56 259 9328 (U.A.E) / +971 52 799 8826 (U.A.E) or email