Unit manager basics

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Logistical responsibility requires daily unit items essential to running a film set. All our unit packages include a standard collection of the unit items listed below.

13 Amp extension cables

Eliminate the cable choice guesswork for optimal on set usage. Make use of our two millimetre thick, durable and reliable 13 Amp extension cables.


13 Amp jumpers

Our 13 Amp jumpers are an easy-installation, safe and reliable way to bypass the amplifier.



Somewhere along the line you will require a handy device that allows more than one plug to connect to a single socket.


Refuse bins and black bags

In addition to the must have refuse bins and black bags, we have a wide range of cleaning equipment for sale. These include everything from mops, brooms and buckets to protective clothing. We can also arrange a pre and post shoot location clean up team.


Eezee pop-up bins

Lightweight and portable, Eezee on-the-go bins make refuse removal or recycling easy. Perfect for packing into a car boot or location van. Be sure to purchase some of our compactor sacks (bin liners), as the Eezee product is wider than standard refuse bins.


Work lights

We use the most robust, user-friendly lights on the market. Our work lights are perfect for various lighting requirements around the set including pathways, corridors, backs of trucks on wrap and more. See Lighting on location.


Crates and boxes

We have a versatile selection of all-purpose and carry all boxes, prop boxes, ammo and plastic crates.


Artist umbrellas

In the event of extreme weather conditions, our golf umbrellas are lightweight, yet sufficiently durable to withstand wind and rain and can cover a large surface area.


Cooler boxes

A vast collection of cooler boxes of various types and sizes means we can supply according to your exact requirements. We can also deliver straight to set cooler boxes fully stocked with soft drinks, water and ice.



In a busy, intense environment a simple, multifunctional bucket filled with sand becomes the perfect no mess, no odour receptacle.