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Location Sprinter

The location sprinter is a long-wheel based high roof panel van runaround. Larger than a Toyota Fortuna, it can be used to pack and prep substantial gear. In fact, we provide a professional, dedicated delivery service, which means we can pack and prep your goods and deliver to your office if required.


Four-tonne Location Trucks

We can transport all location unit equipment in customised trucks staked out to the highest industry standards. The four-tonne location truck carries vehicles and heavy-duty equipment, which are carefully prepped and packed and taken to your location rigged and ready to be rolled out.



We supply comfortable, portable, solar powered, self-contained toilets manufactured by EcoRent for easy set up and mobility. This means no trucks, cranes, cables, tanks, generators, pumps or pipes. Our offering comes with luxury ceramic amenities, a large mirror and LED lights. We also provide various sizes from single one-seaters, double two-seaters and four-seaters to four-urinal units.