Shades and marquees

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3m x 3m medium Eezee shade

We offer practical, safe and durable shade solutions. Our Eezee shade tents are highest quality and come with a set of sides. Weights are an optional extra and we can also fit out your tent with lighting and heating if required. See Eezee shade light.


6m x 3m large Eezee shade

Our shading solutions are all about quality, practicality, safety and durability. All our Eezee shade tents come with a set of sides and weights are on optional extra. If required, we can fit out your tent with light and heat. See Eezee shade light.



In partnership with one of the largest marquee specialists in the region we provide various high quality, durable tents for in-vision or behind the scenes infrastructure at competitive rates.

Marquee systems

Our Wicked multi-purpose marquee range comes in three versatile sizes of 3 x 3, 5 x 5 and 6 x 6 metres. The Pagoda and pipe profiles come with a traditional peak-style roof, which covers an advanced aluminium extrusion frame. The Matrix marquee is engineered to sustain extreme weather conditions and offers maximum possibilities for internal fittings and fixtures and external cladding.

Designed in line with the highest possible standards, our marquee systems allow for:

  • Rigid cassette walls and windows or soft PVC walls
  • High quality double and single leaf doors
  • Integrated self-ballasting flooring.

It is also possible to interconnect multiple Pagoda or Matrix marquee units to create an endless variety of shapes and functionalities.



The ingenuity of this Wicked system lies in its variability. It comes in a standard A-frame or Arcum roof or a peaked roof substitute to create a clear-span dome structure. Gable width choices are 10, 15 and 20 metres and as standard can be expanded in bays of 5 metres. Multiple gable options includes:

  • Opaque or transparent
  • Set-back’ or internal
  • A curved octagonal or decagonal ends

Specified to the highest possible level Multiform systems also include:

  • Hard ABS
  • Tempered glass
  • Double and single push doors
  • Multiple gable-end design option

To create maximum impact the Wicked Multiform cassette wall, window and door system is specified in 1.2 metre widths as opposed to the traditional 1 metre widths. This means fewer components and larger glass elements on doors and windows.


Stretch tents

Our Wicked Bedouin (stretch) tent structures blend modern engineering and textile development to provide premium variability and versatility. They can be installed on any ground condition including uneven surfaces. They can also be interconnected to create infinite installation configurations. The structure membrane is weatherproof and extremely durable and it is possible to lift or lower the structure’s side portions to create an open, partially open or fully enclosed stretch tent.



Select from our range of medium to large good quality, versatile sandbags, which can be tailored to your specific requirements for securing on set stands and equipment.