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Every film project is exciting for us. For more than a decade we have worked hard to establish ourselves as a comprehensive, flexible atypical film location management service provider. Everything we do is based on an unswerving commitment to getting it right in line with your project brief and creative vision.

Location management

Let us take care of all your location related matters from consultation and initial pre-planning to production completion. We have the skills, experience and resolve to oversee, pre-empt and figure out viable, cost effective location management solutions.

Location scouting

A keen eye for finding the best possible environment for a specific scene or an entire film or commercial is key. It all starts with using our insider knowledge of the region and extensive in situ relationship networks to pinpoint and secure the right location.

Aerial photography

In the initial land and air scouting process we visit, photograph and assess site suitability using the best available equipment and resources. We consider and address all logistical issues to ensure the location is sufficiently viable for a successful production outcome.

Location permits

Aerial filming permits are different to land filming permits. We can secure both. Years of experience and a reputation for professionalism among our contacts in the U.A.E. and Middle East, mean accurate information and up to date procedural know-how. Two of our key government partners include the Abu Dhabi and Dubai Film Commissions.

Map design

Our location map design service is a first of its kind in the film industry. The FStop digital design crew will craft all your location maps for feature film, commercial or still shoots. You tell us your requirements and we will tailor a map package to meet your needs.

Location protection

Our location protection experience and expertise extends to the most sensitive environments. So much so that we have developed our own method and techniques for designing the ‘shooting floor’ and assembling the layout board. This means fast, easy, hassle-free adjustments in practically any location environment.

Production support

Film production involves demanding schedules and strict budgets. Leaving nothing to chance, we provide day-to-day overall support to help navigate and resolve issues that may impact on production. With our multi-disciplinary media production experience and a global supplier network to call upon, we are well placed to service your next production in the U.A.E.

Film set security

We take seriously the responsibility of ensuring that your equipment, facilities, cast and crew are safe and secure. We can tailor a protection package for a formal or more discreet security presence at your production location.

Location and unit crew

FStop’s location crew and production assistants are experienced, in-house trained professionals that can slot in quickly to any host locality. Lyall Gardiner, FStop owner and experienced location manager, scout, and photographer, personally trains our world-class professionals.

Location signage

Make use of our fully customisable design service, which includes everything from directional and production office signage to public filming notices.

Logistical solution design

Avoid the pitfalls of bad planning and let us build your logistics for you. Whatever the size, location and terrain, we are experts at designing base camps from concept to event. We come to your venue and work out everything you need from access points; security and traffic flow to people per square metre, fire and safety. We plan for what you foresee and every other possible eventuality. Given our unique standing in the U.A.E. we are well placed to provide this service to the film and eventing industry.

Location risk assessment

To ensure the safety of everyone involved on location we conduct a thorough risk assessment beforehand and recommend workable safety management standards. This includes factoring in adequate systems and processes for a particular scene or location.


While we are not a mass rental house, our offering includes advice and support for a wide range of top quality equipment and consumables rentals. We can provide some of the best equipment and materials to suit your production requirements and budget.