Manfrotto Tripods

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Manfrotto Carbon Fibre MT 055 CX Pro4

The Manfrotto 4-section 055CXPRO4 tripod combines the best performances of the 055 carbon family with lower dimensions. This tripod is compact and light and comes with the patented Q90˚ system for quick vertical-horizontal movements. The legs adjust to four different angles and an integrated levelling bubble is on the top plate.


Manfrotto Carbon Fibre MT057 C4

Professional, sturdy and versatile, this tripod ensures maximum performance and different adjustable settings. Carbon fibre, four section large legs provide an incredible level of stability, reaching very tall height when fully extended. The geared column system provides maximum precision when setting the camera position, while a special column adapter allows ground level shooting.


Manfrotto Leveling Plate 338

Fitted between tripod and head, the 338 is used in combination with tripods that do not have built-in levelling mechanisms. Its three adjustment dials enable the operator to make fine, fingertip adjustments up to +/- 5˚ to ensure the camera is perfectly level. The dials also have locking rings to ensure stability once the right position is reached. A spirit level is built in for reference and the base has a 3/8” female tripod fitting and a 3/8” male head fitting.