Manfrotto Panoramic Gearhead

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Manfrotto Panoramic Gearhead 303SPH

The 303SPH is a multi-row panoramic photography head. It has a sliding plate to locate the camera over the panoramic axis of rotation. It also has a sliding plate that rotates around the front/back tilt axis, which allows for rotation on both horizontal and vertical axes around the camera (lens nodal point). This means that multi-row panoramic photo sequences (cubic VR photos) can be taken accurately and easily. Other features:

  • The software used for photo stitching produces a precisely composed VR environment with minimum post-production intervention or software correction
  • All plates and rotation index guides have clear markings to allow easy camera repositioning once nodal point position is identified and noted down
  • The vertical bracket can be unlocked and rotated 90 degrees (then relocked) – the head takes up little space in transport and the sliding plate mechanisms are protected against bumps and knocks
  • Comes with an extra set of sliding plates for use with different size cameras


Manfrotto Leveling Plate 338

Fitted between tripod and head, the 338 is used in combination with tripods that do not have built-in levelling mechanisms. Its three adjustment dials enable the operator to make fine, fingertip adjustments up to +/- 5˚ to ensure the camera is perfectly level. The dials also have locking rings to ensure stability once the right position is reached. A spirit level is built in for reference and the base has a 3/8” female tripod fitting and a 3/8” male head fitting.