Lighting on location

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Double and single work lights

We provide best in category durable, easy to use double and single work lights. These are ideal for variable illumination requirements from pathways and corridors to the back of trucks on wrap.


Lamaphore light

When space is limited you need an innovative option. Lamaphore lights are lightweight, easily transportable and can comfortably fit in the boot of your car. Handy in an emergency, they can run off a two-kilowatt suitcase genny (generator).


Eezee shade light

Great for lighting pop-up tents, the nifty hook on the handle conveniently hangs off the tent eaves. See Eezee shade tents.


VT-1 tower lights

The VT-1 mobile tower light is compact and quiet, and well suited to outdoor use. It is also sufficiently hardy to withstand harsh conditions. Owing to its unique design, transportation is particularly cost effective in that up to 10 sets can be delivered on a standard 12-metre vehicle.