LEE Filters

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In landscape photography there is a place for both hard and soft grads. The grads you decide to use will depend mainly on your image subject matter.

LEE Filter ND-Grad Hard Full Set

Usually, a hard grad is used for images containing a horizon, or any hard transition between the sky and the foreground. Even with jagged or mountainous horizons, the exposure can be controlled far easier with a hard grad.


LEE Filter ND-Grad Soft Full Set

Soft grads perform best in woodland, mist, or interiors. In a space where there is no definite transition between sky and foreground, a soft grad will gently balance exposure across the image.


LEE Pro Filter Holder 100×150

The LEE Filters holder has been designed with almost every photographic eventuality and combination in mind. Up to four filters of different types can be used in one holder. For instance you could combine Neutral Density and Warm-up Filters to respond to a specific lighting situation. Alternatively, if you shoot black and white you might select a red filter plus a Neutral Density Standard to darken blue skies and slow down the exposure.


LEE Filter Adapter Rings

The adapter ring is critical to the LEE filters system. It fits onto the camera lens and the filter holder clips onto the adapter ring. They come in the following sizes:


LEE Filter ND Big Stopper

By greatly extending exposure times the Big Stopper allows anything moving in your image to become blurred or ghost like. Examples include clouds, waterfalls, rivers, and the sea. The filter can also be used on cityscapes to blur people or on roads and motorways to blur traffic.